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Welcome to the S.A.G.E. Website.  We are a small radio control club located approximately 18 miles northwest of downtown Tucson.  Our name says it all. We are all about quiet flight. Some of our members specialize in pure gliding or electric power,  but many fly the full range of quiet aircraft.

  • We are a A.M.A. Chartered Club # 3362 and members must maintain current A.M.A membership.
  • Annual dues are only $40, but members are also expected to support the club by helping to maintain the equipment and flying field.
  • The flying field is available to members seven day a week.
  • Saturday is SAGE’s normal club flying day.  During the summer, club flying normally commences around Seven AM, and by winter first flights launch about Nine AM.
  • The club owns and maintains two electric winches, one retriever, and a Hi-Start.
  • If you are new to radio control flying, several of our more experienced pilots would welcome the opportunity to assist you to become a proficient pilot.

We are now on  FACEBOOK  and  TWITTER

FACEBOOK    http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Southern-Arizona-Gliders-and-Electrics-SAGE/110938435698364

TWITTER     https://twitter.com/?iid=am-60662501713308904846931635&nid=15&uid=514677030&utm_content=profile#!/SAGEFLYERS


The southern end of SAGE Field lies under the approach corridor for the crosswind runway (3/21) at the Marana Regional Airport.  There is a GPS approach to this runway.  Although this approach is seldom used, SAGE has established the following flight restrictions:

•  All flights above 400 ft. AGL will be flown NORTH of the SAGE ramada.

•  A dedicated spotter must be used for all flights above 400'.  That person can spot for one or more model aircraft but cannot be involved in non spotter activities.

•  When winch launching to the south, after release, pilots must immediately turn north if it appears that they will reach or exceed 400 ft. AGL.

•  Although our glider pilots will most likely be affected by these restrictions, all pilots are expected to comply if they operate at or near 400 ft. AGL

Take the Avra Valley Road exit off of I-10. Head west to the Avra Valley Airport and turn left on Sandario Road. Next take a right on to Twin Peaks Road. Twin Peaks will dead end at the entrance to the Glover Ranch. Just before entering the ranch you will see a dirt road on your right that will take you between a fence on your left and greenhouses on your right.  About 1/4 mile north on this dirt road you will see a grey storage shed and a purple ramada to the right. That's us. At exactly 1/2 mile from where you turned onto the dirt road is the entrance to SAGE Field  (just slightly past the shed and ramada).

As SAGE Field is located off the grid, our only address is 32° 23’ 13.60” N  / 111° 14’ 53.60”.  Use Google Earth for a better overhead look, or your GPS navigation unit to join in the fun.

Philip Brister is our current and long standing club president.  If you would like more information about S.A.G.E. please feel free to drop him an email at philipbrister@netscape.net